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Thursday, February 20th, 2003
9:34 am
well, the icp tickets have finally gone on sell (well, actually bout 10-15 days ago) so i need to hurry up & order them. just, first, i need to pay my dad back. yay. i'm excited.
it was great seeing punani again yesterday. i hung out with some kids at the mall a little yesterday but since i was feelin kinda anti-social i hung out with mischa & mark most of the time. i did end up buyin this stuffed animal that looks like pixie. well, color-wise but shh. heh.
hopefully i can give adam his little present today.

current mood: wee.

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
2:11 pm
yes, i'm very bored. this whole not having school thing kicks ass but i can get pretty bored just being in the house all day. luckily enough the mall is open today so i think i'm going to be heading up there in bout an hour. my days off have pretty much been spent with adam mostly. he's been comin over & watchin movies with me & i he slept over on saturday night. sadly, he didn't come out into the snow with me. er. i hate how i have to be someone else in order to be okay with his parents step-father. dale tends to like to kick us out when we're in the middle of watchin something. eh. oh well. adam and my bed eskepades (let's pretend i spelt that right) have been gettin more intense lately but i still won't be goin 'all the way'. fuck no. it sucks tho. most of the time i just think adam is more like a best friend than a boyfriend. i mean, i don't think i'd be able to be 'that' open round any other guy. UM. i don't know man. i've been listenin to the happy hardcore cds that johnny hooked me up with a lot lately. jesus, i wish i was that good at findin that shit online. that inspired me to look for my blümchen tape so i listened to that last night (i'm still going to copy that tape for you, johnny. i just have to have a blank tape or someshit to put it on). mann. i wish i had gone with miriam to see her in concert altho i doubt miriam listens to blümchen anymore considerin most of the songs are mainly for little kids. heh. hence, the sesame strasse song. speakin of miriam..my mother was talkin to regina (miriam's mom on the phone) & when i came into the kitchen she was like "is miriam there?".. i was thinkin "okay i am peeing myself here"..turns out miriam's in bed sick at the moment. damn, it would have been awkward talkin to her after 4-5 years. i do kinda miss her tho.. what's with all these german people hatin america? jesus. we aren't that bad. anyhoo. yeah. hopefully i can hook myself up with some psychopathic cds today. seein how i'm only going to have $20...i'm goin to pick from blaze, zug izland, or coc. two of em i have burnt but it's a bit nicer to have em on cd. yeah, so now a little survey i stole from amy & johnny..

@#$Collapse )

now, off to the mall i go!

current mood: blah

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Saturday, February 15th, 2003
7:14 pm
lauren, if you could..
e-mail me a code for livejournal, please.

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Monday, February 10th, 2003
7:44 pm
okay so we actually did have school today. how ghetto. i was actually lookin a little foward to goin because i wanted to give lauren her shirts but sadly, she wasn't there (i hope you're feelin better, hon) so yeah. i actually skipped to go to junior lunch today (i can't let that become a habit tho). it's always nice hangin on with those kids. plus, i got to see one of my 'crushes', heh. 'crushes' meanin..i think he's mad-cute and all but i'm not all like 'i wanna date him'..hence, i have adam. anyways..i missed the bus after school today because our new bus driver likes to park in different places so i ended up walkin home while it snowed! yay! luckily, some girls from magruder stopped by me & asked if i needed a ride. aw, man...that meant a lot to me. once i got home i found out my brother had left for the mall without me so i just took the next bus that went. when i got to the mall i saw maggie & gave her a hug. she didn't seem to happy to see me tho. oh well. *shrug*. i found my brother after goin into spencers real quick. he told me that he saw 3 juggalos sittin on one of the couches under the escaltor so i was like 'phat, k'. turns out those juggalos were jimmy & two of his friends. i walked to spencers again with my brother and all i heard was 'woop, woop' (i was wearin a twiztid shirt). i turned and waved cause i couldn't see who it was. after i had gone into spencers i talked to jimmy & had lunch with him, my brother, and his 28 year old juggalo friend. holy shit. i don't member this dude's name but he's awesome. he's got himself a hatchet man tatooed onto his chest and .. he's a juggalo. well, he seemed like an all round cool guy. sadly, jimmy & him left shortly after that. :\ i swear tho...there's somethin bout juggalos that i find hot as hell..i just don't know what it is..even with the two juggalos that i 'dated' online (justin & rick). damn, heh. yeah..i bought this trance cd at fye. i hoped to buy this huge cardboard homer thingie but i didn't have enough money with me. but, if it's there next time i have money. i will get it, hehe. a little later my brother & i went home. we took the wrong bus at first but ended up on the right one after that. well, i'm going to go watch some tv now and let mischa talk to his 'homies'. mcl.

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Sunday, February 9th, 2003
5:16 pm
before i go though this is for ny chris..
sorry for not respondin to your e-mail (i'll get to that don't worry). but check this..
Date: April 8th 2003
City/State: Washington DC
Venue: Nation
check icp's site, dude.
i still love ya tho. :)

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4:54 pm
don't you hate it when you have to go some place but you're insanely tired? well, i'm having this problem at the moment. i have work in bout 20 minutes and i haven't slept enough. although adam & i fell asleep early last night & he never woke me up with his snoring..we woke up at 8ish and i've been up since then. err. damnit. but, as always, the money is needed. i really would like to finally hook myself up with that trance world: 6.0 cd from fye & i need want to buy chris shank's birthday present.
i started saturday school yesterday. you know, night & saturday school aren't as bad as everyone says they are. okay, so you have to wake up early and take your personal time off but hey, i don't have any time to take off plus..it's simple. i didn't get to take a nap after saturday school because my mother was paying me to go pick up martin (my godmother: edith's husband)'s daughter from the airport. unfortunatly when we got there the flight was delayed so my mother & i drove to chanthilly (sp?) to go eat some grub (chanthilly reminds me of you, cathy). after we ate at subway we decided to go to salvation army. since chris mckibben told me you could actually find good stuff there (ie: a manson shirt) i thought i'd check it out. turns out he's right. sadly, i didn't find anythin i like but i did buy things for other people. i bought a static-x shirt for adam, two shirts for lauren (i'm not tellin you what they are yet) & a shirt for my dad that says "the cure for the blues: bill clinton for president" hehe. :) i was hopin to find something i'd like but i suppose i'll look some other time. when my mother & i went back to the airport we talked to three opers (sp?) and waited for conny (martin's daughter). we left once conny got there. man, i thought conny would be a lot like christal & edith but she's super nice, k.
so, yeah. adam slept over. we woke up mad-early this mornin & went to eat lunch at some all you can eat chinese resturaunt. after eatin there we went to funcoland so he could buy himself some games (haha, i actually wore a mario shirt altho i hate video games.) i saw sassan there (my childhood friend) but i was too much of a pansy to go up to him and say "yo, sup". i suck. well adam left round 1:30 and i went to take my first driver's ed class, yay. it was alright.
now i'm here. i'm bored. i'm tired. but, fuck. i'm lookin foward to the new simpsons episode tonight!!!!!! *woop* the 300th episode's gonna kick-ass too, yay. yeah. done.

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
11:39 am
i stayed home today (as one can tell). i stayed up last night coughin like a mad-man. i wanted to stay in bed pretty much all day today but my mom called tellin me her & i need to go to my school to get some paper signed for night school. i don't think she understands that i'm sick. she's a bit slow, k. i suppose i'll get my paper signed tommorow and go to the first day of night school on thursday. if only i loved school and dedicated myself to it. then i wouldn't be in this shit. but, i don't. i can't sit there for hours doin my homework. i'd go insane, jesus.
i'm gonna go make myself some food now. i hope it doesn't come back up after i eat. you know, i really could go for checkies right now. lol.

current mood: hungry

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Monday, February 3rd, 2003
3:14 pm
i went home during lunch today. i felt/feel like such shit. when at school i just had a cold and kept coughin in class. i wanted to leave cause i was afraid i'd spew in class or someshit. thank god, i didn't. my body left that for left the building. hope none of you stepped in it on the way out. ;). to top it off i found out i had my period when i got home. i took midol for it but my stomach is kickin my ass anyways. err. i called adam when i got home. he said he prolly come to my house after work today. i don't want to get him sick again tho. bleh.

current mood: period.

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Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
2:05 pm
last night adam & i went to a speaker's meeting at my dad's AA where he celebrated two years of being sober. it was rather interesting..suprisingly enough even adam thought it was interesting. adam, my mother, my father, gregg (my dad's sponser) & i sat in the front row. adam & i were holdin hands the whole entire time which we don't really do cause our relationship isn't (like it used to be) all bangin in public n shit. *shrug* it was nice tho. afterwards we went to eat dinner at a greek resturaunt (sp?). yum. on the way home adam put his head in my lap and tried to sleep. i was easily amused the whole entire night. all of us were laughin at stupid random shit on the way home, heh. once we got home adam & i stayed up till 4 in the mornin watchin tv. we watched a jackie chan movie & then two hours of comedy central. AHH. i wanted to punch him when we went to bed. he kept me up with snorin!! err. but, he can't help it. <:\ yeah, he left at 8:30 this mornin and i have work tonight (woop, woop). i should have saved the last money for a cd. oh well. OK. i am done now. school's tommorow so i have to finish up my homework.

current mood: #$%#$%%$%.

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Saturday, February 1st, 2003
3:35 pm
okay i'm such a genius. $10 went down the drain due to my geniusness. member that time i was talkin bout how i went to catch up with my brother at the bus stop inorder to get the mall and missed it? well, yeah. i left my camera in my pocket. :) you know, the camera with pictures outside of the twiztid concert. well, i made the mistake of leavin my camera in my pocket. so it has been washed. therefor, there's a good chance that it's fucked up, hxc. errr. oh well, i suppose i'll just make up for that shit and take pictures at the icp concert in april.
i went to the mall yesterday (wow). my brother, doug & i decided to go. fortunatly (sp?) there were some kids there. sadly, since i had work i couldn't stay too long. when we were on the bus this dude from our school got on and we started talkin to him. turns out he was also on his way to the mall so was once we got to the mall we hung out till we actually found people. yay. we found minter & matt and then later on zack & his homie came and then caitlin and bobo (sp?) too. heh. doug hooked himself up with a lot of faygo & an icp t-shirt. my brother & doug treated me to mcdonalds and, yeah. we left shortly before 5 and i went to work while they went home. when i got home last night i started watching forrest gump. such a good movie. i finished it this mornin and now i'm bored. i think i'm going to go somewhere later on with mark. hopefully adam will be able to sleepover tonight too. well, i'm goin to depart now. yeah.

current mood: bored

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Thursday, January 30th, 2003
2:58 pm
i need to stop pickin zit scabs, haha. i suck.
er. today was alright. my new classes that lack my homies makes me better in school but it also depresses me a little bit. i like being happy and having bad grades. well, not bad grades. i don't know.
johnny gave me caffine (sp?) pills today. it made me stay awake durin the rest of my classes which is good.
hmm. i have to take a night school class. for two A classes so i have no clue what to do. i may end up havin to take summer school again and graduate with .. people i like less then my senior class. er.
adam's still sick. uncool. i wanna give him a hug right now but he won't be able to see me after work cause he needs to rest. stupid midas for not lettin him stay home.
i'm in a really funky mood at the moment. i think i'm going to ask my brother if he wants to go to the mall altho i have no money what-so-ever. eh. <:\ ..

current mood: $%#%.

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
9:59 pm
a day spent with my family! how cute for me!
wow. it really wasn't all that bad.
well, all that happened really is that my mother took my brother and i to the eye doctor. mischa's lucky..he doesn't need shit for his eyes but i need glasses for readin shit on the board and when i actually end up drivin. i suppose it isn't *that* bad. turns out being blind runs in the family. *shrug* lucky me.
afterwards we went to the mall super quick. i saw some of my homies there altho only shortly. and then we left to go to checkies (after gettin the car washed, of course)..y-u-m. my brother and mother loved it. :P
then i came home..slept and watched tv.
i have school again tommorow. how exciting for me.
i hope i don't have too many classes with people i can't stand.
last semester for me..maybe? :D

current mood: penial.

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12:51 pm
i'm goin to the eyedoctor for the first time in my life. if i end up gettin glasses i'm commiting suicide.
the michael jackson shirt has arrived. *orgasm*.
and..i got the t.A.T.u. cd yesterday.
woop, woop.
and a new shirt.
bye. eyedoctor time. *weep*

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Sunday, January 26th, 2003
10:27 pm
Pojut: i saw my bros new place today
Pojut: it is fucking HUGE.
el moon glorious: so is my ass.
Pojut: i have NO idea how he found it, he said that it had been on the market for only like 1 day
el moon glorious: but, that's cool.
Pojut: no
Pojut: baby
el moon glorious: lol.
Pojut: this place makes your ass look like caitlyns(sp)
Pojut: it makes your mom look like she weighs 5 pounds.
Pojut: it is unbelievable
el moon glorious: LMFAO.

oh, and, amy..das ich will be preforming at nation on the second of feb. just thought you might wanna know..

current mood: amused

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7:02 pm
what's the website addy for nation in d.c.?

(drowning dollie day)

3:07 pm
binks is right next to me. say hi to her. 'hi binks'.
anyways..this computer really sucks dick. when the 'semi-sex' computer still worked my brother would always tell me that the computer downstairs is a lot faster. OK RIGHT. i can't even post comments on peoples' journals. yeah. with that said..i have work today. 'yippie'. before i go i'm always like '*stab*' but once i come home i'm like 'woop, woop. i have money!' .. sadly tho. i have to pay both mark & mischa back. i must admit. i was pretty damn greedy at the twiztid concert. i should have let mischa borrow $2 but yeah, i suck.
i watched mtv this mornin & watched all the battle of the sexes shows i haven't seen (which is 3/4 of them). puck does seem a bit different this time round. wow. it's weird. i member watchin the first season of real world. wooaah. has real world changed tv. yeah, it was fun. durin commercials i watched timon and pumba, haha. I AM BORED OKAY.
lately i haven't been havin the urge to go to the mall. there's was one reason i went. and that reason really isn't there anymore. i do like goin with lauren & billy tho. fun times, k.
after v-day (i have somethin special planned for adam) i plan on buyin 4 cds (unless somehow i get em before hand *hump*). the two cds caitlin has *shakes fist* bitch!..um, t.a.t.u & the trance cd..then justin and missy's cd. yeaahh. if i do end up gettin a job do you guys advice a job at the mall or somewhere round here? helpp mee outt here.
last night..i swear to me..i had bout 5-6 major sexual dreams in a row. hubba. the dude i banged in my dream was bout 10 years older than me but it was still nice.
my mother's being a bitch. she's bitchin at my dad for what he did with sandra..8 years ago!!! SHUT UP BITCH.
before i go..
joey, jen. as much as i may not talk to you guys. i love you guys very much and i am mad-happy for both of you.
okay..i lost track of thought or somethin. i need to go in my room and get away from my mom's bitching.

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, January 25th, 2003
7:16 pm
fuck offCollapse )
my brother's online 99.9% of the day and he bitches if he can't get on when some girl he likes that he knows will never date him gets online..I SPEND..that .1% of the whole damn day online and he whines like a little bitch..fuck you man. just call her dumbass.

current mood: annoyed

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2:29 pm
i'm feeling so anti-social today. i don't really wanna go anywhere but i know my house'll be borin as fuck. once i'm done on here i think i'm going to clean up my room and take down a buncha posters. i think i hung most of them up cause i hate havin empty walls. there's only bout 2-3 bands on that wall that i actually 'sweat' the other ones i listen to once every 5 months or someshit, heh. i really want that huge my ruin poster what's her face (i forget her name, k) has on her wall. that poster's phat as hell. i need to stop buyin t-shirts. i already have 5 million thousand of em. i need to hook myself up with some cds or posters..or someshit. adam came over last night and gave me my valentine's day present. altho, i know it's a month away, heh. it's this little musical merry go round thingie with teddy bears ridin it. it's hard to explain but it's cute. i need to save up money to take him out somewhere and buy him stuff. i suppose it'll be his x-mas/v-day/b-day present. maybe my dad can help me out cause i make oh-so-much money at dave's. heh. it's weird livin in a house with a kid that doesn't have fat love. he's always after the skinny-ass bitches and tends to make fun of my brother & i for being overweight (altho i don't think i'm pullin off a missy..from bmh, that is). i'm gonna go do some cleanin and prance to some music. YES.

current mood: #$%$%.

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Friday, January 24th, 2003
9:42 am
i have to make this post quick cause i have company (lauren's sleepin in my bed, tehe).
twiztidCollapse )
i'm thinkin of hookin myself up with a new journal. i should stop addin people whose journals i know i won't read, jesus.

current mood: dead.

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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
10:51 am
i lost both kyle's numbers and i need to make plans for tommorow.
since i won't be online at all today can some of you that will be online help me out? of course, the kids that live round me..
can you message kyle at K NosFerAtU K and tell him to call tascha at (301) 208-1726? pleasee. if i'm lucky i'll be able to find his number before then but just incase can you kids hook me up? thankss. <3.
oh, and, it's mark's birthday. happy 19th birthday, mark.

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